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What to bring to the East Nashville Farmers Market

shopping tips 2We are delighted to have so many new patrons supporting our weekly Wednesday Market.  Here are a few tips we suggest that may help make your visit as successful as possible.

One: We highly recommend that shoppers go green by bringing their own bags and baskets.  This small act has big pay-offs for our environment by reducing waste.

Two: Bring a cooler.  The East Nashville Market hosts more than just fruit and vegetable farmers. You may find meats, milk, cheese, yogurt, hummus, or other items that require refrigeration. By bringing a cooler, you can keep fresh foods cold until you head home at the end of the day.

Three: Bring Cash and Small Bills.  If you forget, or run out of cash, don’t worry!  Bank debit cards are accepted by the market in exchange for tokens to be used at vendor booths.  Some vendors accept checks or credit cards. We’ll exchange your swipe for wooden market tokens at the information booth. Tokens can be used at any booth and are valid all season long.