snap program graphicWe are excited to accept SNAP benefits at the market!.  What can be better than spending a nice spring afternoon at your local East Nashville Farmers Market– seeing your neighbors, meeting your farmer, and taking home fresh, healthy produce!

Bring your SNAP card to the market and run it at the info booth for any dollar amount.  You will receive tokens in $1 increments to use for payment at our vendors’ booths.  We accept SNAP benefits, formerly food stamps, so that all Nashvillians can come out to enjoy a day at the market and take home good food.  Accepting SNAP benefits is good for SNAP participants, and it’s good for farmers’ business – it’s a real win-win.

Questions about how EBT works at your area farmers market? Want to participate or help support an EBT program? Stop by our information booth on Wednesday afternoons and we can help.