Fall Fest 2016

The East Nashville Farmers Market Fall Fest was a hit! The petting zoo, pumpkin painting and face painting were popular with kids of all ages. New this year was the market piñata! Children lined up to hit it big with prizes from our local farmers at the market.

dsc_0873The petting zoo was filled with lovable farm animals for “city” children to pet and hug, and the adults had a great time with these animals, too!


A popular event every year is the pumpkin and face painting. As parents shopped from our local farmers, children created masterpieces to begin the fall decoration at home.


The Fall Fest is over, but the market will continue for another month! Come out and get local pumpkins, mums and more to decorate your homes, and get local leafy greens, winter squashes,bread, meat and cheese for your meals. We’ll see you this week in Shelby Park at the East Nashville Farmers Market!


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