What’s at the Market?

Next week we’ll celebrate National Farmers Market Week! We will be celebrating all things farmers market- artisan breads, juice, dog treats, pasta, flowers, tea, herbs, food trucks, cheese, meat and produce!


Shopping at the farmers market is more than just the fun of connecting with your community. Many small businesses and family farms rely on farmers markets to get their businesses started and to keep them going! There are over 8,200 farmers markets in the United States, and recent research shows that small businesses such as bakeries rely on local markets to for a customer base, to try out new products on customers, to learn what customers want, and to connect with farmers who can supply them with ingredients. The same can be said about farmers- many farmers use farmers markets to connect with chefs who shop at markets for their restaurants and to form a customer base for CSA’s.


The East Nashville Farmers Market began in 2007, and we have been the venue to help start many of Nashville’s best small businesses that now have their own brick and mortar or who sell at major stores such as Whole Foods and Kroger including: Juice.Nashville, Porter Rd Butcher, 8th and Roast, Soberdough, Papa C Pies, Chubby Bunny, Hummus Chick, Alfresco Pasta, Provence Bread, Noble Springs Dairy, Hatcher Dairy and Dozen Bakery. We may be forgetting a few who have started their business with us through the years, but we can assure you that they all hold a special place in our heart because we “knew them when..”


We predict that there are many of our vendors with us today who will go on to open their own stores, or get into major retail chains that will propel them to be able to quit their full time jobs and be their own boss! The East Nashville Farmers Market and you as the customer play an important role in giving back to the local economy by shopping local and keeping your dollar in your community. Our artisan bakers and farmers rely on our market, not just to “try out products” on customers, but to make a living by bringing you the freshest, local food you can find!

Who is your favorite farmer or baker at the market? Would you rather see their products in major stores, or do like having them “all to yourself” at your local market? Let us know how the farmers market makes a difference in your world!

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