Flying S Farm Friendship Bread Builds Community

Flying S Farm Friendship Bread draws customers to the East Nashville Farmers Market while building lasting connections within the community. This traditional sweet bread begins with a 10 day sourdough starter that is made into freshly-baked loaves of cinnamon laced bread and traditionally gifted to friends so they may share in the bounty. Flying S Farm friendship bread is the only friendship-style bread at the East Nashville Farmers Market and is available in Vanilla-Cinnamon and decadent Triple Chocolate.


Flying S Farm Friendship Bread is available in traditional Vanilla-Cinnamon, Triple Chocolate, Coconut and more.

Catherine Simmons of Flying S Farm has been baking breads, cookies, brownies and more in her licensed domestic kitchen for over a decade. Her wide customer base spreads across middle Tennessee and beyond, purchasing her famous baked-goods online and also at their market booths. She and her husband Ben Simmons began market farming 13 years ago and have built a strong following with numerous fans dedicated to the sweet and tangy Flying S Farm friendship bread, locally-grown produce, and other specialty items.


Flying S Farm brings fresh-ly baked goodies to the East Nashville Farmers Market every Wednesday.

Flying S Farm friendship bread begins with a mixture of flour, sugar, and milk that is nurtured and cared-for for 10 days. Once the mixture has fermented, forming acids that produces the tangy sourdough flavor, the starter is then divided into portions— one portion is used to make the bread dough, one portion is reserved to produce the next batch, and the other portions are given to friends, along with a freshly-baked loaf, so they may begin their own homemade batch of friendship bread. This act of giving is intended to form connections and build community—just the sort of thing we like at the East Nashville Farmers Market.


Catherine Simmons of Flying S Farm brings a rich display of freshly-baked breads to our market every week.

The traditional Vanilla-Cinnamon loaf is topped with sugar and makes a delicious breakfast bread, says Catherine. But it’s the Triple Chocolate, made with Ghirardelli chocolate chips, chocolate pudding, and dark cocoa that really impresses the crowds. “It’s not just sinful, it’s downright evil!” she says. Both loaves are freshly-baked and available for purchase in full and half sizes each week at the East Nashville Farmers Market. And of course, Catherine’s secret friendship bread starter is available for purchase, as well, but must be ordered ahead of time.


Flying S Farm friendship breads is available in half and whole sizes.

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