Quarter Spring Farm — Pasture-raised All-natural Chicken

The East Nashville Farmers Market would like to officially welcome our newest local chicken producers, Quarter Spring Farm, to our family of farmers, food artisans, and vendors. JB and Heather Bradley work side-by-side as a husband-and-wife team to supply our market with the freshest pasture-raised all-natural chicken that our mom’s and dad’s feel good about taking home to their families. And though whole broilers are the farm’s main product, the couple also offers fresh free-range eggs and no-spray vegetables such as cherry tomatoes and okra at their market booth. Their humane approach and safe farming methods make them a very special addition to our market and we are excited to welcome them to our team.


JB and Heather Bradley of Quarter Spring Farm pose with beloved pet Doris in front of their farm house in Liberty, TN.

Arriving at the couple’s 60 acre farm in the small community of Liberty, TN, is something out of storybooks—a winding gravel road leads visitors through secluded countryside and ends at a 19th century farmhouse that abuts rolling hills of fields for garden crops and pastures for chickens, goats, and cattle. The Bradley’s, who spent over a decade living and working in East Nashville, purchased the farm almost one year ago with an intent to escape city life and live as sustainably as possible.  “We’re Homesteaders Plus,” admits JB. “We purchase our basic staples such as rice, sugar, and salt, but 90% of our diet comes from our farm. We freeze, can, dehydrate, and dry as much as possible, and we’re looking forward to adding some of these value-added products to what we bring to market.”



As small-scale local chicken producers, Quarter Spring Farm maintains a simple philosophy: “We want to offer a healthier, cleaner solution to the practices of factory chicken farming and the industrial food system as a whole. It can be bad for the planet and bad for people, and instead of simply complaining, we wanted to take action.” And take action they certainly did. Following the farm-philosophies and processing methods of pioneers such as Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms, JB and Heather’s broilers and layers are not only healthy birds processed safely and humanely, but they live their lives as happy, cared-for creatures. “They feel sunshine, eat grass and bugs, and can eat a locally-sourced non-medicated starter feed if they want,” explains Heather. There are no hormones, antibiotics, or additives of any kind in Quarter Spring Farm chicken. Just sunshine, pure ingredients, and love and care.


Quarter Spring Farm pasture-raised all-natural chicken and pastured eggs can be found every Wednesday at the East Nashville Farmers Market.



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