Record Day at the ENFM Fall Festival!

We had a record day at the East Nashville Farmers Market Fall Festival last week! Friends and neighbors arrived in crowds to experience all the fun activities our market had to offer.  From the excellent live music provided by the Basement East to the petting zoo to the antique tractor and fire truck to the homemade pumpkin ice cream to all the wonderful fresh fall produce… our friends, neighbors, and families shared a real community experience in celebration of local food and agriculture. Thank you to everyone of you who helped make this community event such a hit! We hope to see you all again this week for more great live music, storytelling, and fresh, local food.


Our fun kids’ activities were a hit last week at the ENFM Fall Festival.

Last week, our record day was filled with tons of fresh treats like homemade ice cream, baked-goods and breads. This week, expect to see even more freshly-baked goodies and loaves of bread from our vendors Creole Diva, Eat LIke Kings, Flying S Farm, and homemade ice cream, too. Fresh small-batch pastas from Nicoletto’s Pasta Co. will be arriving in flavors like Tomato Basil, Garlic Chive, Roasted Red Pepper, and Porcini. Speaking of mushrooms… don’t forget to grab a pint of gourmet shitakes from our mushroom vendor Bloomin’ Shrooms! They’re far out.


Grab a fresh-baked mini loaf from Ms. Lynn — the Creole Diva this week!

Loads of greens in turnip, collard, kale, and chard fashion from Green Door Gourmet are sure to arrive this week, and the Delvins have just harvested a fresh crop of sweet potatoes, so expect to see those sweet gems after they’ve cured. And most importantly, we are thrilled to welcome our newest local chicken producer, Quarter Spring Farm!! Learn more about their all-natural pasture-raised chicken and view their favorite Roasted Chicken with Pear Chutney recipe while you’re at it.

Green Door Gourmet always brings the green!

We want to see all our market kids smiling as much as they did last week for our record day, so this week, be sure and stick around the live music tent to hear our favorite teller-of-tales, Magda the Story Spider, spin a web of characters and plot twists that will have your little ones enthralled before bed. It’s going to be a great fall week at market again, everyone. Don’t miss it!!


Enjoy a story told by Magda the Story Spider at the Live Music Tent this Week at Market!

Roasted Chicken with Pear Chutney

With autumn settling in around us, we wanted to recreate one of our farmers’ favorite fall meals —  Quarter Spring Farm Roasted Chicken with Pear Chutney. Heather Bradley, co-owner and operator of Quarter Spring Farm, loves to prepare this dinner due to its ease-of-preparation and dynamic  sweet-and-tart flavor. Roasted chicken with pear chutney is a staple in her kitchen after a long day on the farm, and since she uses their fresh, all-natural chicken and no-spray pears, she doesn’t have to worry about the concerns that come along with eating commercially-grown or factory-farmed food.


Heather Bradley’s Quarter Spring Farm Roasted Chicken with Pear Chutney is the perfect meal to ease into fall.

Heather begins her roasted chicken with pear chutney recipe by starting a pot of chutney on her stovetop that will simmer for 1 to 2 hours. She first picks 6 pears from her backyard tree and chops them along with a red bell pepper and sweet onion. These ingredients are tossed together into a large pot along with brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, and lots of warm spices like nutmeg and mustard seed, and simmered together until the consistency is soft but not mushy.


backyard pears are simmered with onions, red peppers, apple cider vinegar, and brown sugar to create a spicy sweet-and-sour chutney that pairs well with savory roasted chicken.

Next, Heather slathers one Quarter Spring Farm pasture-raised broiler chicken in olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic salt. We opted to add a bit of thyme that we had on hand, and also added chopped onions, carrots, celery, and fingerling potatoes to absorb all the roasted chicken flavor in our pan. Heather roasts her chicken at 350 degrees for 50 minutes, taking care not to overcook the bird. We covered ours with foil for the first 35 minutes, then removed the foil to let the skin crisp and brown. Succulent, all-natural, anti-biotic and hormone-free chicken, perfectly roasted and topped with a fall-spiced sweet-and-sour fruit chutney.  A perfect fall meal made with hearty, local ingredients.


Quarter Spring Farm provides our market shoppers with fresh, all-natural pasture-raised chicken.

A big thanks to Heather Bradley for her roasted chicken with pear chutney recipe! We hope our market shoppers enjoy this meal as much as we did.

Quarter Spring Farm — Pasture-raised All-natural Chicken

The East Nashville Farmers Market would like to officially welcome our newest local chicken producers, Quarter Spring Farm, to our family of farmers, food artisans, and vendors. JB and Heather Bradley work side-by-side as a husband-and-wife team to supply our market with the freshest pasture-raised all-natural chicken that our mom’s and dad’s feel good about taking home to their families. And though whole broilers are the farm’s main product, the couple also offers fresh free-range eggs and no-spray vegetables such as cherry tomatoes and okra at their market booth. Their humane approach and safe farming methods make them a very special addition to our market and we are excited to welcome them to our team.


JB and Heather Bradley of Quarter Spring Farm pose with beloved pet Doris in front of their farm house in Liberty, TN.

Arriving at the couple’s 60 acre farm in the small community of Liberty, TN, is something out of storybooks—a winding gravel road leads visitors through secluded countryside and ends at a 19th century farmhouse that abuts rolling hills of fields for garden crops and pastures for chickens, goats, and cattle. The Bradley’s, who spent over a decade living and working in East Nashville, purchased the farm almost one year ago with an intent to escape city life and live as sustainably as possible.  “We’re Homesteaders Plus,” admits JB. “We purchase our basic staples such as rice, sugar, and salt, but 90% of our diet comes from our farm. We freeze, can, dehydrate, and dry as much as possible, and we’re looking forward to adding some of these value-added products to what we bring to market.”



As small-scale local chicken producers, Quarter Spring Farm maintains a simple philosophy: “We want to offer a healthier, cleaner solution to the practices of factory chicken farming and the industrial food system as a whole. It can be bad for the planet and bad for people, and instead of simply complaining, we wanted to take action.” And take action they certainly did. Following the farm-philosophies and processing methods of pioneers such as Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms, JB and Heather’s broilers and layers are not only healthy birds processed safely and humanely, but they live their lives as happy, cared-for creatures. “They feel sunshine, eat grass and bugs, and can eat a locally-sourced non-medicated starter feed if they want,” explains Heather. There are no hormones, antibiotics, or additives of any kind in Quarter Spring Farm chicken. Just sunshine, pure ingredients, and love and care.


Quarter Spring Farm pasture-raised all-natural chicken and pastured eggs can be found every Wednesday at the East Nashville Farmers Market.



Celebrate the First Day of Autumn

Join us to celebrate the first day of autumn this Wednesday with your local farmers at the East Nashville Farmers Market Fall Festival! We’ll have kids’ activities, petting zoo, pumpkins, and some of Nashville’s best food trucks serving kid-friendly and vegetarian dinner options of the grassy lawn. Plus, a stellar musical lineup presented by our sponsor the Basement East. And don’t forget all your locally-grown fall favorites like kale, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes, plus late-summer gems like sweet corn, tomatoes, and eggplant. Celebrate the first day of autumn this Wednesday with sunshine and neighbors at the East Nashville Farmers Market Fall Festival.


Kid’s can experience a real antique tractor for photo opportunities at the ENFM Fall Festival.

Last year at our Fall Festival, kids really enjoyed activities such as painting pumpkins, petting farm animals, and sitting on an antique tractor for photo ops with mom and dad. This year, we will have all the same activities for our younger shoppers to experience, so bring the little ones to the Fall Festival to celebrate agriculture and the first day of autumn.


Painting pumpkins is a popular kids’ activity at the ENFM Fall Festival.

We are proud to host live musical acts at our farmers’ market and are so very fortunate to have a local venue like the Basement East as one of our sponsors for 2015. These guys will be presenting a stellar musical lineup for the Fall Festival from 3:30 to 7pm: Beau James, Austin James, Alana Sweetwater, Jake Anderson, and Shawn Conerton. Don’t miss it!


We’re stoked to hear awesome musical lineup presented by the Basement East!

Last but certainly not least, the best way to celebrate the first day of autumn is with seasonal produce grown by our local farmers. Our market booths will be displaying tables of freshly-harvested fall produce such as kale, collards, turnip greens, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and chard. Plus, get your late-summer vegetables while you still can, like cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, yellow squash and zucchini, eggplant, and more. Come celebrate the first day of autumn with great food, family, friends, and neighbors, at the East Nashville Farmers Market Fall Festival.


Greens are back at the East Nashville Farmers Market!

Fall Festival 2015!

The Autumnal Equinox is upon us, folks, so come out and celebrate with local farmers and seasonal produce at our Fall Festival 2015, sponsored by The Silly Goose. On September 23, 2015, mosey on down to Shelby Park for fun fit for all ages including plenty o’ kids’ activities and a seasonal chef demonstration by Roderick Bailey, executive chef and owner of The Silly Goose. The Basement East will present a special musical line-up, and we’ll host some of Nashville’s best food trucks serving vegetarian and kid-friendly dinner options for our hungry shoppers. So bring the family to celebrate the arrival of fall with your local farmers at the East Nashville Farmers Market Fall Festival 2015.


Bring the littles to touch-a-tractor at the ENFM Fall Festival September 23, 2015, from 3:30 to 7pm.

Last year at our Fall Festival, kid’s enjoyed fun agricultural activities like painting pumpkins and taking pictures with mom and dad on an authentic antique tractor. This year, the tractor is back! —along with the petting zoo and other engaging activities for our younger market shoppers to enjoy. So bring your littles for some family fun at the Fall Festival 2015 in Shelby Park.


Kids enjoyed painting pumpkins and other activities at the ENFM Fall Festival 2014.

We are honored to have one of our favorite East Nashville restaurants, The Silly Goose, sponsor our Fall Festival 2015 this year. The Silly Goose is a hot-spot known for creative menus and locally-sourced meats and produce. You can find executive chef and owner Roderick Bailey at chef’s tent at the East Nashville Farmers Market Fall Festival sampling a seasonal culinary creation that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to stop by and taste what this local chef is cookin’.


Our local farms, like Green Door Gourmet, display their seasonal, autumnal bounty at the ENFM Fall Festival.

Finally, our 2015 market sponsor, The Basement East, will present a dynamite musical line-up with 5 local talents including Beau James, Austin James, Alana Sweetwater, Jake Anderson, and Shawn Conerton. Music will start promptly at 3:30pm and will continue until the end of the festival, so bring your blanket and your dancin’ shoes to celebrate the cooler weather and seasonal flavors this year at our farmers’ market Fall Festival 2015.


We are thrilled to have The Basement East return to present the live music at the East Nashville Farmers Market Fall Festival 2015.

Perfect Weather in the Park This Week!

The East Nashville Farmers Market is the place to experience fresh, local food and perfect weather in the park this week. Located in scenic Shelby Park along the beautiful Cumberland River, our market is a destination spot for neighbors to gather on picnic blankets and enjoy fresh produce and local food from our farmers, vendors, and food trucks. Our special musical guests will be the outstanding young talents Someday Soon Bluegrass, and we are thrilled to welcome back executive chef Hrant Arakelian of Holland House Bar and Refuge and Butchertown Hall as our featured chef this week! So grab an extra-large picnic blanket (and an appetite to match) and enjoy fresh local food and perfect weather in the park this week.


The East Nashville Farmers Market is the place to experience perfect family picnics and perfect weather this week.

First thing’s first, friends, let’s talk produce! Flying S Farm will be displaying an array of beautiful hot and sweet peppers along with their delicious jams, jellies, and freshly-baked breads. Green Door Gourmet will be setting-up baskets of heirloom eggplant, squashes, perfectly-picked okra, greens, and more, and Delvin Farms will host a new crop of sweet corn, plus kale, cherry tomatoes, and fingerling potatoes at their booth. We’ll have perfect produce AND perfect weather in the park this week, for sure.


Freshly-harvested rainbow chard from Green Door Gourmet is just one of the many types of greens you can find at their ENFM booth.

Joining us to celebrate such perfect weather in the park this week will be executive chef Hrant Arakelian of Holland House Bar and Refuge and Butchertown Hall to give the last chef demo of the summer. We’re not sure what chef Arakelian will have up his chef coat sleeves, but considering the outstanding demonstration he gave at our Tomato Throwdown 2015, we’re confident he will wow our market crowds once again. You can find him and his seasonal culinary creation at the chef demo tent this Wednesday.


Endless Meal-Planning Possibilities This Week!!

As we transition into fall, we’re finding endless meal-planning possibilities at the East Nashville Farmers Market! Our local farmers are bringing plenty of fresh produce including green beans, eggplant, peppers, fall squashes, new batches of tomatoes and zucchini, and much more! Our special musical guest will be the beloved Lillie Syracuse dazzling our crowds with her rockin’ country blues that you don’t want to miss. We’ll have the best local food trucks serving vegetarian and kid-friendly dinner options for our families on the lawn. Or, grab a package of fresh Nicoletto’s pasta, some specialty mushrooms, and a fresh Porter House Bistro Baguette, and you’ll find endless meal-planning possibilities for your Wednesday night dinner from the East Nashville Farmers Market.


First things’ first, folks let’s talk about all the wonderful food our farmers and artisan vendors will be bringing to market this week. Green Door Gourmet will have their usual array of gorgeous heirloom tomatoes, plus freshly picked bulbs of garlic and bunches of parsley—perfect to pair with Nicoletto’s locally-made fresh pastas.



Delvin Farms will be bringing their freshly-made salsas in Mild, Medium, and Fire Hot, plus mounds of crisp ‘Blue Lake’ green beans and heirloom fingerling potatoes. And Flying S Farm will have baskets of gorgeous peppers in all colors and heat levels. There really is endless meal-planning possibilities this week with all the fresh food available at our market.


Speaking of Flying S Farms, if you haven’t tried a loaf of Catherine Simmon’s famous friendship bread, you really have been missing out! This sweet sourdough bread comes in many flavors, such as traditional Vanilla-Cinnamon and the decadent Triple Chocolate made with Ghirardelli chocolate chips, chocolate pudding, and dark cocoa. You’ll form instant friendships with your neighbors on the lawn once you bag a loaf or two of Catherine’s freshly-baked sweet bread. So see you all enjoying fresh local food this week at the East Nashville Farmers market!

ENFM.flyingssign ENFM.flyingsbreadbest2

Flying S Farm Friendship Bread Builds Community

Flying S Farm Friendship Bread draws customers to the East Nashville Farmers Market while building lasting connections within the community. This traditional sweet bread begins with a 10 day sourdough starter that is made into freshly-baked loaves of cinnamon laced bread and traditionally gifted to friends so they may share in the bounty. Flying S Farm friendship bread is the only friendship-style bread at the East Nashville Farmers Market and is available in Vanilla-Cinnamon and decadent Triple Chocolate.


Flying S Farm Friendship Bread is available in traditional Vanilla-Cinnamon, Triple Chocolate, Coconut and more.

Catherine Simmons of Flying S Farm has been baking breads, cookies, brownies and more in her licensed domestic kitchen for over a decade. Her wide customer base spreads across middle Tennessee and beyond, purchasing her famous baked-goods online and also at their market booths. She and her husband Ben Simmons began market farming 13 years ago and have built a strong following with numerous fans dedicated to the sweet and tangy Flying S Farm friendship bread, locally-grown produce, and other specialty items.


Flying S Farm brings fresh-ly baked goodies to the East Nashville Farmers Market every Wednesday.

Flying S Farm friendship bread begins with a mixture of flour, sugar, and milk that is nurtured and cared-for for 10 days. Once the mixture has fermented, forming acids that produces the tangy sourdough flavor, the starter is then divided into portions— one portion is used to make the bread dough, one portion is reserved to produce the next batch, and the other portions are given to friends, along with a freshly-baked loaf, so they may begin their own homemade batch of friendship bread. This act of giving is intended to form connections and build community—just the sort of thing we like at the East Nashville Farmers Market.


Catherine Simmons of Flying S Farm brings a rich display of freshly-baked breads to our market every week.

The traditional Vanilla-Cinnamon loaf is topped with sugar and makes a delicious breakfast bread, says Catherine. But it’s the Triple Chocolate, made with Ghirardelli chocolate chips, chocolate pudding, and dark cocoa that really impresses the crowds. “It’s not just sinful, it’s downright evil!” she says. Both loaves are freshly-baked and available for purchase in full and half sizes each week at the East Nashville Farmers Market. And of course, Catherine’s secret friendship bread starter is available for purchase, as well, but must be ordered ahead of time.


Flying S Farm friendship breads is available in half and whole sizes.