The East Nashville Farmers Market is proud to announce the Tomato Throwdown 2015 Winners. Last week, our market shoppers gathered around the tomato taste-off tent and sampled over 15 varieties of tomatoes — all grown by our local farmers. More than 100 ballots were cast for the tastiest tomato and the results are in! So without further ado, we’d like to give credit where credit is due.

Tomato Throwdown 2015 Winners

1st Place – Oak Grove Farms ‘Sun Sugar’

2nd Place – Oak Grove Farms ‘Brandywine’

3rd Place – Delvin Farm’s Campari


Our Tomato Throwdown 2015 Crew: Carol Hagan, Matthew Honig, and Jackie Cole Contreras

Although Flying “S” Farm’s ‘Cherokee Purples’ and the Delvins’ organic cherries were not far behind, the 3rd place position goes to Delvin Farm’s Campari tomatoes with 10 votes. These juicy hybrids are known for their high sugar levels with low acidity. They are slightly larger than cherry varieties and are often found in commercial grocery stores “on the vine”. But, boy, did these local beauties put those commercial tomatoes to shame… Congrats to the Delvins!


3rd Place Organic Campari Tomatoes grown by Delvin Farms

With 12 votes, the second place position goes to Oak Grove Farm’s classic ‘Brandywine’ heirloom. These large pink beefsteaks are known to be some of the best-tasting tomatoes around, and the vine can bear fruit that weighs up to 1.5 pounds. That’s a serious tomato, folks. Congrats to Zach Erhard of Oak Grove Farms!


‘Brandywine’ heirlooms from Oak Grove Farms took 2nd Place at the ENFM Tomato Throwdown 2015

And finally, the 1st Place Position for Best Tasting Tomato at the Tomato Throwdown 2015 goes to Zach Erhard of Oak Grove Farm and his unstoppable snackable ‘Sun Sugar’. These award-winning yellow cherry hybrids earned 30 votes for Zach and their sugary sweetness. We can’t stop snacking on these sweet golden jewels at the East Nashville Farmers Market, and apparently, our customers can’t either. Congratulations to Zach for his 1st and 2nd Place wins!


1st Place Winner of the ENFM Tomato Throwdown 2015, ‘Sun Sugar’ yellow cherries grown by Zach Erhard of Oak Grove Farms.



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