Juicy bells, crispy sweet cubanelles, and devilishly hot jalapeno peppers have pizzazz this week at the East Nashville Farmers Market, and we’re whipping-up some tasty recipes for our customers to sample. Our live musical guest will be the returning favorite Farmer and Adele performing their set of Country Western Cowboy Swing and High Lonesome Sounds. Crankees mobile pizzeria will be serving piping hot pies to our families on the lawn, and the Shelby Park Picture Show debuts with “Big”, the first film of the season. So come for your weekly groceries, stay for great neighbors, then make a night of it with the Shelby Park Picture Show this week at the East Nashville Farmers Market.


A peck of hot peppers have pizzazz at the East Nashville Farmers Market

First thing is first, folks, let’s talk about the pepper craze currently happening at our neighborhood farmers market. Late-August is ideal for producing a rainbow spread of peppers in all varieties from sweet bell and cubanelle peppers to spicy serranos and jalapenos. Peppers are great for stir-frying, stuffing, roasting, and pureeing into dips, salsas, and sofritos. Come to the East Nashville Farmers Market this week to taste some delicious recipes, because these locally-grown peppers have pizzazz and we are passionate about telling you!


Warm hues of sweet snacking peppers have pizzazz at the East Nashville Farmers Market

After you’ve sampled some tasty pepper bites and shopped for your weekly groceries, why not make a full night of it and catch an outdoor movie with loved ones? The Shelby Park Picture Show is a movie-in-the-park event that begins after our farmers’ market jut a stone’s-throw over at the Old Timers Baseball Complex. The Picture Show kicks-off its opening night this Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 7:30pm with the 1980’s classic “Big” starring Tom Hanks. A $5 donation that benefits our community through two nonprofit organizations, SANDLOTT and Friends of Shelby Park, is requested at the gate. So be sure to reserve your tickets now so you don’t miss the best outdoor movie experience in the Nashville area!


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