Triple L Ranch Chuck Roast

Triple L Ranch Chuck Roast

Remember those great Sunday Pot Roast lunches after church? Mom would put the roast in the oven to slowly roast while we were at church. When we arrived home, we could quickly prepare lunch to feed a hungry family a hearty hot lunch. It was so Americana; I still have some of the Wear-Ever pots and pans we used as a kid to cook our meals. Making the gravy from the roast drippings at the bottom of the metal Wear-Ever pot just seems so perfect that made everything taste so good! If you want to go vintage, visit an estate sale to find some of the great old cookware of yesteryear. Or use some incredible new cooking aids to deliver a Farm Fresh Pot Roast with local veggies. I use an All-Clad Slow Cooker which does an incredible job my Mom would be proud to use.

Fresh Farm Veggies from Delvin Farms, Green Door Gourmet and Oak Grove Farms

Fresh Farm Veggies from Delvin Farms, Green Door Gourmet and Oak Grove Farms

This past Wednesday at our market I gathered up some organically grown potatoes and green beans from Delvin Farms. Some beautiful organic carrots and celery from Greed Door Gourmet along with some naturally grown onions, garlic and sweet corn from Oak Grove Farms. The key ingredient of reliving my Pot Roast Sunday lunch from childhood was selecting a nice chuck roast. Working with Ann and Carter from Triple L Ranch I found the perfect bone in chuck roast. Selecting a roast that has been grass fed and grain finished gives the most beautiful blend of marbled beef. Grain finished beef will add just enough marble to deliver more flavor and tenderness when cooking. The Triple L Ranch has been a working Tennessee Ranch for 40 years. Their Beef and Chicken meats are some of the best you can buy locally in Middle Tennessee.

Cloves of garlic to stuff into the roast

Cloves of garlic to stuff into the roast

So now that I have all my key ingredients I’m ready to start. Prep time is the easy part! I first unwrap my almost five-pound roast to discover how fresh the meat smells and red this great cut of chuck is. Knowing nothing artificial has been added to bring out the color gives me the confidence I know where all my food comes from, right here in Middle Tennessee! Great fresh food with the added benefit I know I’m supporting local farmers! I then create small cavities and stuff each cavity with a little fresh ground pepper with one garlic clove. The garlic cloves add tender and juicy flavor I remember as a kid. I’m starting to get excited as this all comes together. The smell of all this roasting together is going to be wonderful!

Now it's time to put the lid on this pot roast and slow cook for 5 hours

Now it’s time to put the lid on and slow cook for 5 hours

Next I wash all my fresh grown vegetables. Slice the onions, cut the carrots and celery, snap the green beans and cut some potatoes while leaving smaller one’s whole. I then place the roast in the slow cooker after lightly salting. I now add all the local veggies all around and on top of the roast. Taking two ears of corn I shave off the kernels and add them to the top of the veggies that cover the Triple L Ranch pot roast. Now this brings us to a personal choice for the final seasoning. I take 2 cups of beef stock and add 1/4 teaspoon of local honey and mix well. I then pour this over the chuck roast and veggies. I encourage you to add any combination of seasonings you might like to 2 cups of water helping deliver a tender roast with wonderful flavor. I’ve even used a dry packet of Lipton’s Onion Soup Mix in the past.

Now put the lid on the slow cooker, plug it in and cook on high for 5 hours. The slow cooker I use reverts to a warm setting after the 5 hours of cooking is completed. It’s an efficient way to cook a meal for a busy family. To come home or after church or working in the yard all day delivers a hot, great tasting nutritious meal for the entire family. The flavor of local beef and veggies is unmatched. Come visit the East Nashville Farmers market for locally grown food. There’s no better taste then using the freshest ingredients from your local farmers market!

This turned out so good! Tender flavorful roast with all fresh picked veggies!

This pot roast turned out so good! Tender flavorful roast with all fresh picked veggies!

3 to 4 Pound Chuck Roast
6 carrots
9 cloves garlic
2 onions
6 small potatoes
20 to 30 green beans
2 stalks celery
2 to 3 ears of corn

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  1. Dave Anderson

    I have always loved having a pot roast to come home to on Sundays. My mom would make it every other week because she knew how much we liked it! I would love to expand my horizon to different types of pot roast as well. Though I will always love hers.


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