Why We Love Grilling Sweet Corn

Tennessee Sweet corn is the best!

Tennessee Sweet corn is the best!

We love grilling sweet corn at the East Nashville Farmers Market. The sweetness of the kernels and the smoky char from the grill makes the perfect flavor combination that we can’t get enough of. Grilled sweet corn is delicious both on the cob and off. We add grilled sweet corn to salads, soups, entrées, and side dishes.

There are many different ways to grill sweet corn. Some prefer to presoak ears in water before grilling. Some use hot coals to roast corn in its husk. But when we are limited on time, we opt for the easiest method. We begin our grilled corn in the microwave for 3 minutes to slightly steam and remove all the silks. Then we slather in melted butter and place directly on a hot grill for a nice smoky char. Adding lime zest and herbs such as basil, cilantro, or Mexican oregano to the butter can impart herbal flavors. Or, simply chop fresh herbs and add after the corn has grilled.

local grilled sweet cornWe like to give our grilled sweet corn the Mexican treatment and sprinkle on cotija cheese, cayenne, and a nice squeeze of fresh lime juice. Sweet, smoky, tart, and savory — this grilled sweet corn has a flavor profile that really fulfills. When ears are leftover, we slice it off the cob for chicken soups and summer salads. Grilled sweet corn livens up every summertime meal with a its smoky sweetness and chewy bite.

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