summer vegetablesWe’re announcing the first sightings of summer vegetables, fruits and herbs at the East Nashville Farmers Market this week, plus lots more local produce, fresh baked breads, artisan cheeses, farm flowers, and more from our local farmers and vendors! Dinner options provided by Bao Down and Pita Pit food trucks for our families and guests, and a down-home swinging musical guest that you won’t want to miss! That’s right, folks, Woody Pines will be releasing their new album at the East Nashville Farmers Market this Wednesday, June 3rd, and churning out their rocking country blues and ragtime tunes for our crowd on the lawn. So bring your dancing shoes and favorite boogie-woogie partners, because you won’t want to miss this market!

fresh basilFirst thing is first, we are excited for the arrival of local summertime produce this week! Oak Grove Farms from Gallatin, TN, will be bringing yellow summer squash and zucchini to market, as well as pickling cucumbers and two types of green beans — blue lake and a flat Italian variety. Expect to see more gorgeous red and golden beets from this farm, plus fresh cauliflower for roasting and purées, too.

Green Door Gourmet will be coming strong with spring brassicas this week, including heads of broccoli, two varieties of kohlrabi, and white turnips. Also, look for flavorful celery, parsley varieties, arugula, and possibly fennel from Green Door, in addition to crisp, sweet carrots. If you are unfamiliar and interested in ways to prepare kohlrabi, check out our Southeast Asian Kohlrabi salad.

Last week, Flying S Farms offered beautiful bunches of nutritious Georgia Southern Creole collards and Siberian kale to our shoppers. Expect to find more gorgeous greens at the Flying S booth, in addition to farm eggs and freshly baked breads.

local collardsFinally, don’t forget to purchase all the bright, aromatic herbs grown by our local farmers to flavor all your delicious, locally-grown meals. Fresh basils, cilantros, parsleys, mints, and more are available for your herbal beverages, pastas, salads, and much more. So grab an extra-large tote this week because we have all the spring and summer groceries you’re looking for!

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