Market Season Wrap-Up

beetsNow that the market year has completed, we’d like to reconnect with our customer base and share a brief recap of the season. If you didn’t already hear the great news, the ENFM was voted 3rd best farmers’ market in the Nashville Scene’s “Best Of” edition, losing only to the Franklin and Downtown markets (both being equipped with much larger budgets). This is because many members of our community in East Nashville recognize not only the health benefits of buying  fresh, nutritious produce, but the benefits that are given to the community, as well. Shopping at farmers’ markets encourages the American tradition of the family farm and helps to ensures farmers survive in our community instead of being forced to sell land to developers. Farms support wildlife in their ponds and fence rows and native insect populations. Buying from the local farmer helps to boost our local economy here in Nashville, and it also encourages genetic diversity in the multitude of fruit and vegetables that can be grown and sold when shipping is unnecessary.

slocalAs a smaller market, we are very proud of this recent accolade and will continue to work to create a fun, energetic, and healthy experience for our customers. Our new location in the scenic Shelby Bottoms park has proven to be a success and has lent itself towards the ENFM becoming a destination spot for many members of the community. Events such as our “Fall Festival” and “Ghost Peppers and Goblins” drew crowds in huge numbers and was a ton of fun for kids and parents, alike. We will continue to provide live music, storytelling, and outdoor yoga, as well, which are some of the many attractions that make the ENFM is such a success. We are happy that many of our popular vendors will be returning next season and are excited to welcome some new and interesting  additions, as well.

CSAOur  2015 season gets dusted-off and cranked back up in May, and we are thrilled to see how much we will have grown. Until then, please continue to support local farmers and ready yourselves for another bangin’ market season in East Nashville. And be sure to check out the photos from our final market of the season. See y’all then!
Rebecah Boynton