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We Have our Website Back !website

Great News!  After 3 weeks of negotiating and demonstrating that we are the rightful owners of the domain registration, we have control over our website again! For those of you following the story, and may have seen it on Channel 4 news or in the Tennessean, our domain registration was stolen and moved to an address in Moscow, Russia.  The breach occurred when my GoDaddy account was compromised and the thief moved my registration out of GoDaddy to a registrar in India.

Note that our website files were never compromised as they were not hosted on GoDaddy computers.  Email addresses were not compromised.  All of our website files were fine and site was back up and running when we “repointed” the registration information.  Our website files are and have been completely secure.

So, Hurrah! Our market pictures are back.  Our Blogs are back. Be sure to click and see what has been going on at your favorite community farmers market,  .  If you haven’t seen our website in a while, you’d be surprised.  We have a great new snazzy look,  over a thousand wonderful pictures from the market, vendor information, recipe ideas and weekly news.

Thank you for visiting our market and supporting our local farmers who grow the food we love to eat. See you all on Wednesdays, 3:30 to 7:00 p.m.   Our market is open through end of October.

Hank Delvin
Market Organizer

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