Pork Tenderloin Recipe

pork tenderloinTake your cut of pork tenderloin, one is usually 1-2#, and slice into quarter inch discs.  Season the discs in a mix of  1.5T salt and 1.5T pepper. On a hot sauté pan coated in olive oil, sear the pork discs for a crisp side till soft pink on the opposite side.Using the pork fat from the sear, add a half cup of fresh blueberries to the pan with 2/3 tbsp of fresh chopped garlic. If the berries are especially tart, add 3tsp of butter and a 1/4tsp of white pepper to ease the bite. Sauté the mixture, moving constantly with a spatula, until a sauce is developed. Strain and drizzle on the tenderloin discs. Serve with roasted vegetables like zucchini or any summer squash.

Could also be paired with garlic sautéed spinach. Sauté for only until the greens have just wilted before removing from heat — they will carry over cooking. Serve tenderloin atop the spinach or vegetable for the complete dish.
Don’t believe it can be this easy?  Come taste this dish for yourself at the East Nashville Farmers Market on Wednesday July 2nd. Then shop for your ingredients on site with our local farmers.
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