Plant A Carrot Campaign (or what’s the deal with those plastic carrots?!)

If you look around our lovely East Nashville Farmers Market, you might notice a row of bright orange plastic carrots “planted” or stuck into the ground along the perimeter of the market. Their distinctive, heart-shaped tops attracted our 8 year old immediately. He wanted one! So we asked around and did some Googling about them and wanted to share the information with you! or
These two sites will give you the basics. The Plant a Carrot Campaign started in New Hartford, CT as a grassroots method of advertising. The idea was that for a small donation you could take home this carrot and “plant” it by your driveway to show your love and support for the local farmers market. The idea blossomed, and soon driveways everywhere were boasting carrots and sparking curiosity among neighbors.

As for our carrot, the kiddo has “transplanted” it a few times now, but it is “growing” proudly by our driveway for all the neighborhood to see. I’d really encourage you to see the information tent at the market today about getting a carrot for YOUR driveway! Share your love for our East Nashville Farmers Market!


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