FALL FESTIVAL! October 2, 2013 ** East Nashville Farmers Market

If you’ve been away from the market for a few weeks, you definitely want to make today your day of return! The Fall Festival is one of our favorite market events every year. In addition to the usual live music, there are a ton of children’s activities including:

  • Loving Touch Petting Zoo
  • pumpkin painting
  • face painting
  • games
  • and more!


As usual, there will be an abundance of local produce, meat, cheese, and milk as we celebrate the end of Summer and the beginning of a beautiful Fall!

We’ll be there – rain or shine. Come on out and enjoy!

Johnson’s Honey – Vendor Highlight – East Nashville Farmers Market

If you’ve spent any time at our East Nashville Farmers Market at all, you’re sure to have seen Mr. Thurman. Per his apron, he’s known as the “Old Drone”, but sales representative Thurman Harris comes across as dear and sincere – “old” is not the first descriptive that comes to mind. When I interviewed him for this highlight, he shyly told me how he doesn’t use computers or have an email address. There is no web site for the business, but the product is delicious nonetheless!

His table offers a variety of bee products and the honey is packaged in a multitude of sizes. He has honeycomb as well as pollen available for purchase. The jarred honey is available in Wildflower, Orange Blossom, and the diabetic-friendly Tupelo (from the blossoms of the Tupelo tree).

Additionally, honey sticks are a favorite delight at his table. My brother-in-law loves to keep them at his desk to add to his tea at the office. I’ve seen several little ones make a bee-line (pun intended) for the table begging for one as a treat. They come in traditional honey as well as several flavors: apple, grape, blueberry, raspberry, and cherry.



Drop by the table today to chat with Mr. Thurman and peruse the sweet treats!

Sunday Morning Pancake Mix – Vendor Highlight – East Nashville Farmers Market

Sunday Morning Pancake Mix b-w


Samantha Williams has a sunny smile and a winning spirit about her. She told me that she started Sunday Morning Pancake Mix as an experiment on her kitchen counter. Her husband had started making pancakes every Sunday for their family, and it made her start thinking. She enjoyed having this fun new tradition, but what was the cost to her family nutritionally?

As a compromise, they began mixing whole grain flours. Soon they were milling bulk grains in a one-cup coffee grinder. Their final recipe includes nine freshly-milled, organic grains: wheat, rye, buckwheat, barley, brown rice, oats, spelt, milo and cornmeal–with a little flax for good measure.



Samantha’s goal was achieved – they had turned an over-processed, nutritionally-deficient breakfast staple into a wholesome, nutritious meal that is still easy to prepare and is locally sourced. She describes the finished product as “heavier than a regular pancake but lighter than a hoe cake with a delightful flavor and hearty texture.”



You can find Samantha and her beautiful pancake mix (and usually a kiddo or two) at the East Nashville Farmers Market each week as well as on her Facebook page: My Friend Who Loves to Cook. You should also know that Samantha isn’t finished with her kitchen experiments; she has a gluten-free product in the works as well!


Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese – Vendor Highlight – East Nashville Farmers Market

Meet Jennifer Starks, of Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese:


Her friendly face and bubbling personality won over my little lovebug in about 5 seconds flat. My camera, however, could not hold his interest. Jennifer does the Tennessee Sales and Marketing for Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese, and you can find her at the market every week offering delicious samples of amazing cheeses such as these and more:


Kenny’s Cheese was inspired by a trip to Europe fifteen years ago. Kenny Mattingly decided he would try using the milk from his family farm of 120 dairy cattle to produce Gouda cheese using Old World, handmade techniques. As you can see from the varied menu above, the venture was a success, and they now offer a much wider variety of cheeses. I’m a huge fan of the new Yazoo Sly Rye Cheddar as well as the Tomato Basil. Truth be told, I have yet to find a Kenny’s Cheese that I haven’t liked!

THS KennyJared

All of Kenny’s cheese are made from raw milk which preserves the naturally beneficial enzymes in the milk that aid in the digestion of lactose and promote the absorption of calcium while providing a richer depth of flavor that you have got to try to believe. Additionally, Kenny goes a step further and uses vegetable-based rennet to coagulate the cheese keeping their products vegetarian-friendly.


All of their cheeses are aged, hand cut, and packaged on the family’s 200-acre farm in southeastern Barren County, Kentucky near the community of Austin. You can taste the care and passion that they pour into their products.


This week, my family and I tried out one of the farm’s newer cheese offerings – their Fresh Mozzarella. I tried a slice, and it was amazing (I know, I know – I keep saying that, but it’s true!). The cheese was milky and fresh and creamy. However, what you need to know is this: My husband is the definition of a picky eater. He only eats cheese melted on or into his food, and he’s ridiculously picky when it comes to his mozzarella. He has officially declared this to be the best mozzarella he has ever put into his mouth! We made chicken parmesan with the fresh mozzarella melted over the top. It browned beautifully and melted perfectly. As you can see, I couldn’t wait to take a picture until after I’d dug in:

chicken parm

I can’t wait to get to the market today and try another of their cheeses! Maybe I’ll choose the havarti . . . or the horseradish cheddar . . . or maybe the new curds?

Plant A Carrot Campaign (or what’s the deal with those plastic carrots?!)

If you look around our lovely East Nashville Farmers Market, you might notice a row of bright orange plastic carrots “planted” or stuck into the ground along the perimeter of the market. Their distinctive, heart-shaped tops attracted our 8 year old immediately. He wanted one! So we asked around and did some Googling about them and wanted to share the information with you!

http://www.plantacarrot.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/pages/Plant-A-Carrot-Campaign-for-Farmers-Markets
These two sites will give you the basics. The Plant a Carrot Campaign started in New Hartford, CT as a grassroots method of advertising. The idea was that for a small donation you could take home this carrot and “plant” it by your driveway to show your love and support for the local farmers market. The idea blossomed, and soon driveways everywhere were boasting carrots and sparking curiosity among neighbors.

As for our carrot, the kiddo has “transplanted” it a few times now, but it is “growing” proudly by our driveway for all the neighborhood to see. I’d really encourage you to see the information tent at the market today about getting a carrot for YOUR driveway! Share your love for our East Nashville Farmers Market!


Cards ACCEPTED! (Credit, Debit, or EBT)

One of the things that I think is really wonderful about the East Nashville Farmers Market is that not having cash on hand is never a problem! The lovely folks of Delvin Farms have organized an option for those who wish to use a credit card, a debit card, or even an EBT card – even for vendors who don’t take cards themselves.

Here’s how it works!

EBT – SNAP Tokens (snapfreshnashville.org) can be purchased in $1 increments. These are good for the following:

  • Any food item to be prepared/eaten at home
  • Food-producing seeds and seedlings

They cannot be used for Hot foods/food to be eaten on site or non-food items, and NO CHANGE will be given.

– Tokens can be purchased  in $5 increments. These are good for the following:

  • All products
  • Change given (cash change only)

All tokens are available for purchase at the information tent in the center of the market (near the music tent). Please note that the charge will list as Delvin Farms on your billing statement.



Grand Opening May 8th

The Grand Opening of the East Nashville Farmers Market is Wednesday, May 8th at 3:30pm. The market will run every Wednesday from May-Oct. There will be a petting zoo, chef demonstration, children’s activities and free yoga at 5:00pm.

This year we have 30 vendors! Every vendor at the market is the person who grows the food, raises the animal, bakes the bread, makes the cheese, or creates the artisan craft. Talk to your farmers and get to know them. We invite you to ask questions and learn more about the local producers at our market. We are proud to be a producers-only market, and proud to once again offer EBT/SNAP benefits allowing everyone access to healthy food.

This marks the 7th year of the East Nashville Farmers market. We have grown from a few vendors selling outside the Turnip Truck, to a large farmers market offering a one-stop shopping venue. You can purchase your bread, meat, milk, cheese, produce and more and be assured that your purchases are supporting small family farms while giving back to your local economy and community.

If you have any questions about the market, the farmers, or how EBT works please visit us at the market information booth in the center of the market. We will see you Wednesday!

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